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MuktaSamvad: The objective of this monthly event at Chatur Knowledge Networking is to invite practitioners from industry and academia to freely share their thoughts,experiences and ideas about current topics in Human Resources and Psychology, hence the name 'MuktaSamvad.' We organize this event many a times on an academic campus so that HR and Psychology students can also learn and benefit from this knowledge sharing event.

18-Jan-2013 - Dilemmas which Indian Professionals face when they go offshore to UK

28-Sep-2012 - Impact of Social Networking on Employee Productivity
18-May-2012 - Retention Policies-Which Ones Really Work?
10-FEB-2012 - Training and ROI- Can we measure it?
10-DEC-2011 - Leadership and Project Management
24-SEP-2011 - The challenges which Gen X faces while managing the career aspirations of Gen Y
23-JUL-2011- Is coaching a fad or need?
14-MAY-2011 - Pros and Cons of Assessment Centers
05-APR-2011 - Kaushik Gopal's Presentation on Group Relations Conference


21-FEB-2011 - Last month (21st February 2011) we had organized this event at SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies) and the panel members were Jane and Dr.Pierce Howard (authors of the Workplace Big Five), Dr.S W Deshpande (academician and psychologist), Ms.Hema Thakar (Head HR Learning & Devp, Thermax).

Videos (Sharing a few Key Learnings)
MuktaSamvad(Feb-11) - Pros and Cons of Psychometrics


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