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  For any organization to grow it is important that its people resources grow and develop. Selecting and placing the right people in the right jobs may not be enough to achieve excellence. Organization Development (OD) initiatives are necessary to enhance and to speed up each person’s progress leading to heightened performance.

The differentiator in our programs is that we make the PARTICIPANTs THINK!

Chatur partners with client organizations in constructing and executing OD interventions. The approach to all our programs is to Focus on the Individual. We believe that every individual is unique and different. Each person has a unique set of talents, personality traits, behaviour patterns and drives. Therefore focusing on individual strengths and managing weaknesses becomes a natural outcome. All development programs are geared to building Self Awareness and enabling each person to cultivate his/her talents and help the person become more of who he already is and further to TAKE OWNERSHIP of Self Development.

Chatur provides Executive Coaching to Managers across tiers with the aim of nurturing talent and delivering business results.

We offer a suite of Leadership transition programs and Competency based behavioural training programs.

Team Alignment and Team Building programs at MANCOM and Senior Management levels are also part of Chatur’s suite of offerings.

Our interactive facilitation methodology is experiential in nature - learning by doing, thus ensuring learning that sticks like VELCRO.


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