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  The structure and design of organizations has undergone tremendous change today. Rigid hierarchies and closed networks have been replaced by shifting partnerships and alliances. Everyone is competing for a talented and aligned work force to deliver business results. To sustain and compete in the competitive market place, it is important to create a talent pool, a leadership pipeline. Therefore, organizations need to make more informed promotion decisions using systematic Assessment techniques. This is where Chatur steps in. Chatur offers organizations a variety of Assessment options to support their promotion decisions.

Why select us ?

Chatur offers a basket of Competency Based Assessment tools like Psychometric tests, Behavioural Event interviews and Assessment Development Centres. The data gathered from these tools can be used along with the performance appraisal reports of the individual to arrive at the final decision regarding promotions.

If an employee with great talent is put in a position where he can't perform his best, it is a loss to both, the individual and the organization, in terms of money as well as demotivated employees. Chatur helps organizations cut down on these costs by optimizing their people resources. It also facilitates organizations to meet their strategic objectives and thrive in the competitive marketplace.


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